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Website Owner's Manual for Dentists 2nd Edition

 The Most Comprehensive Dental Website Reference Book Available
Now in Downloadable 2nd Edition!

It's FINALLY here!  I've updated the Website Owner's Manual by rewriting and editing every section and adding 30 pages.  The first edition was expensive to print and ship.  By making it a digital product, I am able to pass on the savings to you.  The printed version sold for $347.  The digital 2nd Edition is a very affordable $148!


Not knowing what is in the Website Owner's Manual could cost you a lot!

A dentist I know was spending $2000 a MONTH for a website a company built for him.  A brief look at his website revealed a number of problems.  If this dentist knew only a FEW of the things in the Website Owner's Manual, he could have saved himself a LOT of money and avoided the long-term problems he was going to have. 

Hell, they didn't even spell the name of his city correctly (on every page)!  But, that was the tip of the iceberg.  One one page, the canned content suggested the visitor ask ANOTHER dentist (by name) about implants!  And, my friend didn't even have rights of ownership to the website!  For $2000 PER MONTH!

My friend simply didn't know what to ask or what to look for.  Don't put yourself in that position!  For a mere $148, the Website Owner's Manual will turn any dentist into a web marketing expert.  Everything you need to know is in this fully-illustrated reference.  It's not rocket science, folks!  But, not knowing this information can cost you a lot of money in expenses and lost opportunities. 

It's like a 2-day seminar with all the notes and "slides" in a single book.


In the August 2009 issue of DentalTown Magazine, founder and editor Dr. Howard Farran wrote about "Five Resources You Must Own."  The Website Owner's Manual for Dentists was one of Howard's top 5 picks.  Click here to download the article as a .pdf file.

“I’m quite aggravated that you didn’t write this book a long time ago!!!!  If I’d read this a few years back, I would have saved myself some major grief (and money) regarding Adwords, etc.  I spent WAY too much money doing the wrong things. 

Any dentist who is less than an internet website expert that has a website or is anticipating getting a website would be a total idiot not to get your book.  And that’s the truth.”

Dr. Rod Kurthy - founder of KöR Deep Bleaching by Evolve Technologies and private dental practice. 

The Complete Website Owner's Manual For Dentists

The Website Owner’s Manual was created to serve as a comprehensive reference for dentists who already market with a website or are considering getting a website.  It was written for dentists whose knowledge about websites ranges from nothing at all to fairly knowledgeable. 

The idea here is NOT to teach you to be a total do-it-yourselfer.  I know dentists, for the most part, are not interested in building their own websites and maintaining them.  You don't have to know how to build your own car or airplane.  But, if you own one, you should know how it works, right?

This 230-page digital manual is fully illustrated in color.

"If you're serious about maximizing the potential of your website, or if you're about to build a website, you've got to get Mike's book.  Of all the books on dental websites, it is truly the gold standard."

Michael J. Wahl, DDS
Author of The Lazy Dentist in the New Millennium
Wilmington, DE

"I’m a lucky guy. I’m one of the first (maybe THE first) to have read Mike Barr’s new book, The Complete Website Owner’s Manual for Dentists.

Working in the dental marketing world for nearly 20 years has given me a unique perspective on what’s good, what isn’t, what works and what doesn’t. Mike’s book contains information that you will not find anywhere else. Seriously.

When you enter the website world you are confronted with a very complicated and confusing pile of questions. How do I get a website? How do I build it? How will it get me new patients? How do I get it noticed on the search engines? What the heck is a search engine anyway? And literally a hundred more questions.

What Mike has done is break all this down to simplicities that anyone can understand whether they are tech savvy or tech illiterate. It’s a MAJOR benefit that’s he’s a dentist. Other dentists can understand him!

I will put this as simply as I can: If you are a dentist and have a website, or think you might have a website one day, you absolutely HAVE to have Mike’s book. Applying the information Mike gives you will not only make your website MUCH more productive, it will also SAVE you boatloads of money. It will help you avoid the scams that other dentists fall prey to.

Mike’s book isn’t just for the novice. Even the most sophisticated web smart person will learn a TON about using websites to attract new patients.

This book is a MUST HAVE.

Howie Horrocks - founder of New Patients, Inc.

Click here to see Mike's Reading List!

Besides 16 years of personal experience building, maintaining, and optimizing websites for myself, I've studied / read a LOT of books on marketing (in general), sales, leadership, business success, copywriting, and website marketing (in particular).  There are over 50 books in that photo!  Click here to see Mike's Reading List!

The Website Owner's Manual is a compilation and distillation of what you see in the photo above, much of which I've put into practice for the past 16 years.  Yes... I've actually read all of those books! 

There are more, but those are the ones I could find!  So, you can read all those books and filter it down to what you really need to know.   Or you can get what you NEED to know in the 230-pages of The Complete Website Owner's Manual for Dentists!

"Mike, I've got to tell you, you hit a home run with this book.  I finished it this evening and am now going back through and taking all my notes.

Gang, I don't know what else to say, but if you have a web site, you absolutely NEED this manual.  I swear, I thought I had a good grasp of web knowledge.  I found myself over and over again saying, "I didn't know that".  

I'm also making my list of things that I need to upgrade on my own site.   Mike, thanks for doing this for us dentists with not enough time to decipher all the jibba-jabba-web-sites-for-dummies-crap that's out there."

Dr. Marvin Berlin - General Dentist in McKinney, Texas

The goal is not to teach you how to actually build your own site.  There are other books and courses for those rare (crazy) dentists who endeavor to build their own sites. 

Everyone asks, "How do I get my dental website to the top of Google?"  Of course, it's important to do well in the search engines.  But, there's more to it than just that.  Getting people to find your site is just the first step.

The Website Owner's Manual will empower you to ask the RIGHT QUESTIONS of prospective website design firms you will work with.   It will also provide you the knowledge you need to determine whether you are actually getting what you thought you are paying for.

Just to add to the long list of endorsements...

I considered purchasing Dr. Barr's book when it was first announced, but I balked at the price, and assumed that the money would be better spent on advertising or something else.  I naively assumed that the book would be too basic and a waste of time for me to read.  However, as the positive reviews began to pour in, I began to doubt my original position.

I mulled it over and finally purchased the book, which arrived a few days ago at 5pm.  I stopped what I was doing, and didn't stop reading it until I was done.  The book is excellent.  It reinforced in many, many important lessons and really sold me on certain techniques that I should have thought of from the beginning.

As a software engineer, I generally think about how can I make an application most efficient.  This works great for big applications, but doesn't always mesh as well as it could with dental websites.  Mike's book has already helped me address some of these shortcomings.

I have already highly recommended Mike's book to all of my clients, and will continue to do so.  The book is exactly what a dentist needs in order to build or buy their own website.  There is no way any dentist who reads it will get ripped off by predatory firms. No chance.  You will know all the questions to ask and all the scams to avoid.

This book is so good that Mike should be teaching a course on it at dental conferences, or perhaps dental schools.

And for those of you out there who might think you won't learn anything from Mike's book, you should reconsider.  It will also help improve your understanding of your customers' perspective.

Jeff Gladnick - Software Engineer

No longer will dentists have to fly blindly into website marketing and find themselves ultimately disappointed and out of a LOT of money.

This is simply the best website marketing book you could ever read!  If you don’t buy it you will be stepping over dollars to pick up pennies.  This book could seriously be a 100 times return on your investment.  Buy it today!

Dr. Howard Farran - Founder of and General Dentist in Phoenix, Arizona

Turn Your Website Into a Patient Producing Machine!

There is so much great information in this manual, you will want to refer back to it from time to time to implement the next patient-producing, money-making strategy.

And, finally, the goal of this manual is to ensure your website PRODUCES for you and your practice.  There's no other reason to have a website or the Website Owner's Manual.

It's sad to think of all the dentists whose web sites just sit there, when you make it so easy for a web illiterate to get unimaginable results. You should charge $100,000 for this stuff.

Dr. Patrick Wahl - Office Magic and Endodontics practice in Wilmington, Delaware.

Some of what you will discover in the Website Owner's Manual:

 ·      Find out how I got listed on the first page of Google in TWO MINUTES without buying an ad.  For Free!  No kidding.  It surprised even me!

·      What images should you NEVER have on your website if you want to attract more new patients?

·      What is one thing you can find on many websites that new patients hate?  NEVER EVER do it!

·      Not knowing one VERY simple thing about your website address (domain) could eventually cost you four to five figure amounts.  Learn how to prevent it.

·      How did I get 6 out of 10 positions on the 1st page of Google for a popular keyword?  Not just one listing... SIX!  See proof! 

·      Discover the most overlooked SEO (search engine optimization) pearl.  This will multiply your chances of being found in search engines many times! 

·      Which page on your website is visited most by new patients after your homepage?  You need to know this!

·      Learn the top 12 ways Dentists are SCAMMED by predatory website and SEO / SEM companies.  Beware!

·      How do you choose a great domain name?  The critical elements of an effective domain are the first topic covered.

·      Prevent erroneous and fraudulent Pay-Per-Clicks from costing you big bucks.

·      Learn how you can determine if you got the SEO you’ve paid for.

·      Creating the right kind of links is critical to getting new patient traffic to your website.  Find out what they are.

·      Discover 14 opportunities you may be missing to tell potential new patients about your website.  They are cheap (some free) and easy!

·      Find out why you shouldn’t depend too much on Adwords (pay-per-click ads) to drive new patient traffic to your website.  Then find out why it still may be a good idea to use Adwords and how to implement them effectively. 

I quite literally have about 3 solid pages of notes that I have to start implementing right away.  That's how much stuff there was in your manual that was either completely new to me, or was significantly expanded upon beyond anything I'd read or learned before.

So before I bought your book, my website was for all intents and purposes - INVISIBLE. But now?????? 
  • For anything related to six-month ortho in Charlotte, I completely dominate page 1 on Google (6 listings!) before a single orthodontist is listed.
  • I am listed #1 (yes, that's NUMERO UNO!) for 'porcelain veneer Charlotte.'
  • I have TWO listings on Page 1 for 'smile makeover dentist Charlotte' - #s 6 and 7.
  • For 'family dentist Charlotte' I am now listed #9 on Page 1, and for "general dentist Charlotte" I'm listed #4 on Page 1."

Dr. Chip Payet - General Dentist in Charlotte, NC

“You have a winner. It is very easy to read and your natural writing style makes the reader feel like you are in the room having a conversation with them.”

Dr. Mike Maroon - Founder of Academy of Comprehensive Esthetics and General Dentist in Berlin, Connecticut

If you want a website that does what it is supposed to do…

If you want a steady flow of new patients from your website…

If you want a website that KICKS BUTT by being found and is sticky enough to keep visitors interested and calling your office…

If you think you’re getting taken for a ride by your current website developer losing thousands and missing opportunities to grow your practice…

This book is a steal at twice the price.  Taking action from suggestions in this manual has helped my site a ton.  Great job, Mike!

Dr. Eric Fugate - General Dentist - Vonore, Tennessee

A mere $148 investment could prevent you from making very expensive mistakes saving you thousands of dollars.  And you'll make back far more than you spent in a very short time frame!

If you get just ONE more patient through your website because of what you've learned from the Website Owner's Manual, you'll already have a positive return on investment.  Long-term, the ROI could be VERY significant.

I've become obsessed with recreating my website according to the stuff I've learned from Mike's manual.  Publishing this info was truly a selfless act on his part--he did this for us, not for him.  I feel guilty paying only a few hundred dollars for this 'no BS - just the facts ma'am - let's turn your website into an cash generating machine' - kind of manual.

All I can say is that if you're man or woman enough to accept that maybe you don't know everything about how to turn your website into an ATM...  just do it...  buy the manual.

Dr. Curt Eastin - General Dentist - Coeur d'Alene, Idaho

If you're STILL not sure, you can download a FREE preview of the Website Owner's Manual that includes the Table of Contents and the Introduction section.  Click on FREE PREVIEW!

"Mike, I have to say you've really done it this time!  We've discussed many of your ideas for several years on DentalTown, and because of them, my website ranks VERY well in my area. we all know that's not the ONLY thing that matters.  My conversion ratios were not as good as they could be, nor was the average length of time the visitor spent on my website. Retaining their interest and motivating them to call for an appointment was "okay"....but not great.

Now that I have your manual, I know what I need to do.  This manual is absolutely indispensable for the dentist who wants their website to not only rank high on the search engines, but wishes to convert visitors into new patients.  Dr. Dan gives it 5 stars!"

Dr. Dan Quevedo - Private Practice - Sweetwater Smiles in Longwood, Florida 

I just finished reading your book. Easy read, easy instructions, well planned.  My staff (team) loves it.  We are going to implement your ideas ASAP.  For dentistry, I would list it on the NY Times Best Seller list. 

You Sir have shared a ton of knowledge;  openly and with the hope of getting the message out  on how Dentistry can help our patients.  My kudos!  Thank-you and congratulations!  It's a best buy!

Dr. Tim Hale - General Dentist - Walden, New York

"Mike, please stop selling your book to dentists -- you are giving them way too much information -- it's causing them to realize they need industrial strength SEO -- and they're calling my number and sending me requests for service like crazy! If this keeps up, I may collapse under the weight of it all -- somebody help me!!!  Mike Barr must be stopped!" 

"Your manual is one of the few -- if not only -- resources available to the dentist to get this crucial information -- specifically devoted to them."

John Barremore - SEO